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Me Udyojak Business Meeting

About Us

Meudyojak Is The Fastest Growing INDIAN Business Networking Groups in Mumbai.

Whoever says I am an Entrepreneur in India, Me Udyojak belongs to them.

Swapnil Dalal

Set up in 2013, by Mr. Swapnil Dalal, Me Udyojak has taken on a life and momentum of its own. Over the last 6 years, Me Udyojak has grown into a lively organization devoted passionately to help entrepreneursThe platform works like a force multiplier that works on one for all and all for one principle.



We take pride in using our contact circle to share the business with our members. Our mission is simple Help Each Other And Grow Together.

We have a Blueprint that will help you multiply your high conversion qualified leads by 5 times within 2 years. The environment and the processes followed by the Me Udyojak family are conducive to collaboration and co-creation resulting in an enhanced marketing strategy for our members.

Me Udyojak Business Blueprint


We believe TRAINING is an integral part of an entrepreneur's journey. At Me Udyojak we have a huge pool of knowledge in areas like finance, accounts, raising funds, branding, digital transformation, human resources, IT software, and business consultancy. We ensure that this knowledge gets shared among our members.

We also organize external training and workshop in various fields like Sales, Marketing, Branding, etc.

This continuous training ensures that our members are well equipped viz a viz their competitors.



Me Udyojak is a FAMILY of families of entrepreneurs based on INDIAN VALUES.

  • We CARE for each other.

  • We CELEBRATE festivals together.

  • We PLAY together.

  • We BOND together.

Whoever says I am an Entrepreneur in India, Me Udyojak belongs to them.



One of the VALUES of Meudyojak is CONTRIBUTION. Contribution towards our members, the society, and the Nation. We are proud that on our Foundation Day this year Me Udyojak family donated 213 bottles of blood to Tata Memorial Hospital.

As a FAMILY we believe in giving back to our society.

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