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Business Conference

Join us as a Visitor

Experience how helpful the Me Udyojak entrepreneur family can HELP you grow your business. Me Udyojak has many business networking groups in Mumbai.

Before you develop relations with family it is important to understand the culture of the family.


Me Udyojak is a family of families of entrepreneurs and is full of WARMTH and based on Indian Values. You can visit any chapter of Me Udyojak and feel very welcome everywhere. You will never feel that you are meeting our established entrepreneurs for the very first time.


A chance to build a business relationship with entrepreneurs from diverse fields.

Be in a ROOM where others are there to HELP you without any expectations.

To be Up-to-date with the latest trends. When you meet and discuss with entrepreneurs related to your field, you get to know about the current and future trends in your industry, potential challenges and also solutions for the same.

It will motivate you by seeing how our members go out of the way to help each other's business.

Get a source of TRUSTED suppliers

Meet decision-makers of businesses that will help you in educating about your products or services to the right target audience.

Visitor Registration

Fill up the contact form to visit one of the chapters.
If there is no chapter in your city or locality and you would like to launch
Me Udyojak chapter there then mention the same in the contact form.


We're always thankful to members who show gratitude to our platform. It proves that Me Udyojak always helps its fellow members.

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