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Whoever says I am an Entrepreneur in India, Me Udyojak belongs to them. Meudyojak has many business networking groups in Mumbai.



Indian company based on Indian Values and full of warmth.

Speak in a language comfortable to you.


We are a professional company with a personal touch. It is much beyond business.


Absolute NO SLICING of categories. We believe that each and every member should grow personally and professionally. Hence we never slice categories. There is absolutely no competitor in the group. For example, in a group, there will be only ONE travel agent who will get the whole travel business. We will not have multiple travel companies in the same chapter by slicing categories like fleet rental, Dometic travels, International travel, Car rental, air ticketing, visa, etc. HAVE THE WHOLE LOAF AND NOT A SLICE.


Meudyojak membership is fun where performance is awarded.


We give individual attention to the member's growth.

Benefits of Me Udyojak Membership

Me Udyojak membership gives a lot of benefits to its members.

System to generate high-quality leads:

Most entrepreneurs agree that 70% of their business comes through word of mouth. But they do not have a system that generates it on a consistent basis. Meudyojak follows a blueprint that helps its members to multiply their high-quality referrals by 5 times.

Sales Team:

As a Me Udyojak member you get a sales team of well-established entrepreneurs who are going to use their contact circle to get you business.


Me Udyojak has a huge pool of knowledge due to the diversity of its entrepreneur members. This knowledge and expertise are shared among the members. Based on the member requirements external training is also organized on a consistent basis.

The satisfaction of helping others:

Our members experience the satisfaction of helping others members every day. 

Collaboration and Cocreation:

At Me Udyojak we believe in abundance and no competition. There are various opportunities available to our members to collaborate with each other. There are occasions where members have come together and created new companies.

Improved Communication Skills:

Educating about your products or services on a week to week basis improves our members' presentation skills. Presentation skills workshops are also organized frequently.

Share Pain Get Solution:

Entrepreneurs are usually alone at the top. It is only an entrepreneur who understands another entrepreneur. At Me Udyojak our members meet positive-minded, growth-oriented and helping entrepreneurs every week. Due to the diversity of members and also their bonding, you get solutions to your challenges.


Being a part of the Growth-oriented and helpful Me Udyojak family.

Criteria to become a Member of Me Udyojak

Hunger for Business: The primary objective of Me Udyojak is business. We are looking out for entrepreneurs with a hunger for growth in their business.

Learning Attitude: If you want to achieve something different than what you are getting now then you have to do something different than what you are doing now. An entrepreneur who wants to be a part of Me Udyojak family should have a learning attitude to grasp new skills and equally important to implement them


Helping Attitude: Me Udyojak mission is to Help Each Other And Grow Together. Though the business is the prime objective of Me Udyojak it is not the only objective. As a family, we believe in helping each other during difficult times.

What are you waiting for? 

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