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  • Swapnil Dalal

6 Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

One of the toughest challenges for any entrepreneur is that they do not have a high marketing budget. Irrespective of your industry the prime focus of any business should be promoting your business and that too 24 by 7 and wherever possible...

Even on small marketing budgets you can be an excellent marketeer. There are ways to increase brand recognition. Sharing some marketing ideas for businesses and entrepreneurs.

1. Build a website.

I have seen entrepreneurs spend lot of money on office interiors even though there are few customer footfalls in the office. Of course. having a nicely decorated and ergonomically designed office is very important. However, it is equally important to spend well on an excellently designed website which is your business sales representative.

If you design your website well and have a proper SEO in place then you will find that there are many visitors visiting your website and getting information about your business.

Due to the pandemic this year we can see that the digital engagement of consumers has increased manifold. People have become accustomed to getting answers at the touch of the screen. Mobile friendly or responsive site is need of the hour.

If you do not have a website then ordering one should be the first thing you should do now. It is an excellent way for consumers to know about your company and also buy from you.

2. Use Social Media to fill the pipeline.

I have seen entrepreneurs spend lot of time surfing social media and wasting productive time. Social media Is very important for any entrepreneur if he spends time to create leads pipeline for his business

Based on which social media platforms your consumers spend their time on, you can create campaigns and post content frequently. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn can be used effectively to promote your business. Idea is to be in front of your clients whenever they are there on social media platforms. Consistency is the key here.

3. Organize Webinars

Webinar is a very effective tool to get leads for your business. It can be a lead magnet. You can use social media or email marketing to get right and interested prospects to your webinars.

Webinars can be an effective way to educate your prospects about your product and services. It can also be used as a value addition to your existing clients and build a community.

4. Invest in good tele callers

Once you have a steady flow of leads in your pipeline it becomes very important for the businesses to get in touch with them immediately. Investing in a good and trained tele callers team is very critical. Prospects who are searching for solutions require immediate answers or they move on to your competitors.

5. Client Speak For You

One of the effective ways of enhancing trust about your businesses is getting testimonials from your clients. Video testimonials are ideal. They can be put on your website or posted on various social media platforms as well.

Another way is asking your customers to review your business on various platforms like Google My business etc. This is very effective for local businesses.

When clients start advocating your business your sales pipeline fills up with good leads

6. Referral Marketing

One of the ideal way to generate high converting leads is through referral marketing or business networking. Every opportunity to meet anyone is an opportunity to introduce your company. When you join any referral marketing organization you get high converting leads as someone has passed their trust about You, your products and services to the leads.

Meudyojak is a Business Networking organization that organises multiple business networking events in Mumbai. You can know more at It has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to grow their business.

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