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Business Presentation

Power Team Workshop: Maximizing Business Opportunities

I. Introduction
   A. Welcome and Overview of the Workshop
   B. Importance of Power Teams within MU
   C. Objectives

II. Understanding Power Teams
   A. Definition and Purpose of Power Teams
   B. Benefits of forming a Power Team
   C. Key Characteristics of Successful Power Teams

III. Identifying the Ideal Power Team
   A. Identifying Common Business Goals and Target Markets
   B. Assessing Complementary Skills and Expertise
   C. Establishing Trust and Compatibility within the Team

IV. Building and Nurturing Effective Power Teams
   A. Establishing Clear Roles and Responsibilities
   B. Communicating Effectively within the Power Team
   C. Regular Meetings and Goal Setting
   D. Collaboration and Leveraging Each Other's Networks

V. Leveraging Power Teams for Mutual Business Growth
   A. Sharing Referrals and Business Opportunities
   B. Cross-promotion and Collaborative Marketing

VI. Strengthening Relationships within Power Teams
   A. Developing Trust and Synergy
   B. Encouraging Accountability and Supportiveness
   C. Celebrating Achievements and Milestones

VII. Effective Problem-Solving and Conflict Resolution
   A. Identifying Potential Challenges within Power Teams
   B. Strategies for Addressing Conflicts and Resolving Issues

VIII. Expanding and Optimizing Power Team Opportunities
   A. Encouraging Power Team Growth
   B. Encouraging Stronger Connections within the Organization
   C. Exploring Collaboration Beyond Power Teams

IX. Action Planning and Next Steps
   A. Defining Individual and Team Goals
   B. Identifying Action Steps for Immediate Implementation
   C. Creating a Follow-Up Plan for Measuring Success

Chirag Chaudhari

Conducted by Chirag Chaudhari
Core Advisory Member at Me Udyojak.

Date:  28th Oct 2023  from 8:30 am - 12:30 pm


Hotel Solitaire,

Sahar International Airport Road,

Opp. Domestic Airport Colony,

Parsiwada, Andheri East,

Mumbai, Maharashtra 400099

Investment for the program: Rs. 1200/- + GST = Rs. 1,416/-

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