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  • Swapnil Dalal

Happenings at Meudyojak Entrepreneur Family in December

Total Business Shared: INR 109,13,72,122 (109.13 Crores)

Total References Shared: 37689


Star Performer Of The Month  and Best RD

Ms. Vandana Bhanushali                         

Maximum Visitors Award

Ms Akshata Nikam

Maximum Business Award                           

Mr. Prabodh Tankhiwale     


New Members Of Meudyojak Family

Success Story Of The Month

Ms Antara Lolayekar, Interior Designer, Chaitanya Chapter, Goregaon.

Me Udyojak platform helped an entrepreneur like me to grow professionally as well as personally. The training conducted in this forum helped to groom myself and to create a digital presence for our business. "Helping each other and Growing together" is the motto and every member here has this GIVE attitude in them. The concept of power teams also helped to collaborate with the members of the chapter whose target market or customer base is the same. Most of the referral business comes through these Power Teams. As my category is Interior designing, most of the business I got is from a Real Estate Consultant who is part of our Property Power Team.

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