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  • Swapnil Dalal

Recent Happenings at Meudyojak Entrepreneur Family

Total Business Shared: INR 136,85,18,700 (136.85 Crores)

Total References Shared: 40885


Star Performer Of The Month 

Mr. Neerav Mehta        

Maximum Visitors Award                           

Ms. Akshata Nikam

Maximum Business Award                           

Mr. Neerav Mehta    


New Members Of Meudyojak Family

Top 3 Business Receivers of the Month

Top 5 Business Givers of the Month

Success Story Of The Month

How To Build Your Quality Business Network?

One of the most important skills for any entrepreneur is NETWORKING, specifically Business Networking, and how to build long lasting professional relationships. I have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs over the last decade and have seen the magic of business networking work for them.

For any entrepreneur, be it a startup or well established, it is the size and quality of your network that will determine your SUCCESS.

Let me share some Principles of Networking and how to do it successfully. This will give you an unfair advantage over your peers and competitors..

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